Why The SNAP?

At Snap mobility, we attach great importance to sustainable mobility and today more than ever we feel the need to make it known to the world. This is why we have designed “Snap”, the ecological vehicle of the future that eliminates all kinds of problems caused by pollution, costs, traffic, time and safety. Especially between 2020 and 2021 the theme of urban sustainability found a place at the center of the Legambiente agenda, and according to what was declared in the latest Mal’aria report (2021) these “were crucial years in the struggle for sustainable mobility for two basic reasons. Firstly, the impacts of Covid-19 have hit cities hard and induced local administrations to intervene with “Covid-safe” progressive sustainable mobility measures, such as measures for active mobility on foot and by bicycle, also in response to the restrictive measures of use of public transport. Now we must insist that these measures remain permanently and that more are adopted. Furthermore, public opinion in major European cities is ready to take action. “The advantages of e-bikes, in fact, are numerous compared to electric cars. For example, e-bikes are light and do not emit exhaust gases, and this makes them more efficient and qualitatively better for the environment. This is also confirmed by a study by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research in Heidelberg, which found that e-bikes work even better than public transport. Furthermore, pedelecs have a significantly lower environmental impact than all other vehicles (including local public transport). Also in the Legambiente report it is stated that “from the final balance sheet of the campaign it emerged that the Italian cities are still very far from the mobility and safety objectives set for 2030 and to begin to be implemented with the European funds of the PNRR”. To transform urban mobility and adopt the new “green mobility” in the future, e-bikes must necessarily become an integral part of the urban landscape, as is already the case in many European cities where demands are increasing. Our Snap also has some interesting innovations, because it protects from rain and atmospheric agents, protects in the event of a side impact or overturning, provides the passenger compartment heating and a large load compartment; these advantages make pedaling even easier. Thanks to the great features of e-bikes, there is nothing better than a fun, comfortable and above all environmentally-friendly ride.