SNAP s.r.l. is an innovative startup founded by Francesco Passarella, mechanical engineer in November 2021, after winning the PIN project, launched by Regione Puglia to encourage the growth of business ideas. The revolution that is proposes to implement this startup, is enclosed in the name, SNAP, the snap of the fingers, which evokes the ease with which urban mobility can be rethought and improved. The young team’s goal is to bring Italian engineering from the the deep south, in which it has its roots, to the rest of Europe and no longer conceive pollution, safety, traffic, time and costs as a problem.

Francesco Passarella, born in Puglia, graduated from the University of Salento in mechanical engineering cum laude. Before founding Snap, of which today he is also the director, he worked for Magneti Marelli, VM Motori spa, Bosch, General Elettric and Ferrari, making available his passion for engines and engineering expertise. Right now is also the owner of Snaporaz Motor Garage. It is from the fusion of these two ingredients that in 2021 he decided to give life to his project: Snap srl, an innovative startup that aims to overcome the problems of urban mobility with a snap of the fingers.

Sergio D’ Argento, originally from Bari, after completing his academic studies at the IED in Turin, continued his training at the SPD Polytechnic School of Design in Milan. He has worked among some of the most prestigious Italian car manufacturers, gaining in-depth technical knowledge in the automotive world. Today, together with his partner, he collaborates in the development of Snap srl and in the creation of high quality products in the role of creative designer.

Eng. Francesco Passarella: Administrator and Engineering Manager
Sergio D'Argento: Design Manager