Official Preview of SNAP @ Cantine Coppi

Thursday 23 December 2021, at 11.30 at Cantine Coppi – Turi (Ba), the official preview of the “Snap”, an ecological vehicle created by an Apulian startup.
Under the banner of technology and green made in Puglia, Snap mobilty srl presents the official preview of the pedal assisted vehicle “Snap” on 23 December 2021, at 11.30 am, at Cantine Coppi in Turi.

The event was attended by, among others, the lawyer Claudio Michele Stefanazzi, Head of Cabinet of the President of the Puglia Region, Dr. Domenico De Santis, Deputy Head of Cabinet, Prof. Ing. Giacomo Mantriota and Prof. Ing. Giulio Reina, both of the Polytechnic of Bari, the Hon. Avv. Ubaldo Pagano and Dr. Gianluca Sciannameo, consultant for youth policies at the Puglia Arts.

“We hope that this project will also take off”, said Dr. Domenico De Santis. Very enthusiastic to be able to start experimenting with the prototype, Sen. Antonio Michele Coppi and Doni Coppi, of the well-known Cantine Coppi, who have declared that they have always believed in sustainability and innovation.

Snap srl, an innovative Apulian startup, conceived and founded by the engineer Francesco Passarella and the designer Sergio D’Argento, winner of the Pin – an initiative promoted by the Youth Policies of the Puglia Region to encourage entrepreneurial projects -, has created a pedal-assisted quadricycle , it is a unique vehicle of its kind, the missing link between car and pedal assisted bicycle, already winner of the award for the best scientific publication I4SDG 2021 by the IFToMM International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science. carefully designed to eliminate any type of problem related to the urban mobility of our cities.

The startup revolution is contained in its name, Snap, the snap of the fingers, which evokes the ease with which urban mobility can be rethought and improved. The goal of the young team is to bring high engineering and the importance of sustainability from the deep south, where it has its roots, to the rest of Europe and no longer conceive of pollution, safety, traffic, time and costs as limits.

The “snap” vehicle represents a far-sighted investment, already highly appreciated abroad, for its peculiarities that go beyond the e-bike model, so far conditioned by the impossibility of protecting the occupants and goods from atmospheric agents, as well as by obvious limits safety. The vision of the creators is to be able to conquer the cities of the future with a car with a low weight, able to move silently in traffic, in the ZTL and in cycle areas, allowing quick and low-cost travel.