SNAP Cargo+ : the perfect solution for last mile delivery

  • The Cargo+ model is based on the same platform of the Cargo and the Urban. The comfort and the agility is the same, but this model can be customized in a “pickup” version or in a truck version.
  • The truck version has a cargo area of 1,5 m3 and a payload of 150kg, and on the top of the cargo area is present a photovoltaic panel that keeps charging the battery. It is a multipurpose vehicle, it can be used for example also for sanitation service, or for ambulance or police service.
  • The battery swap allows zero stop time, the vehicle has two batteries with a total range of about 60km
  • The vehicle transmission is hybrid: there is an in-wheel motor and a generator. This architecture completely reduces the maintenance effort because there is no chain transmission.

So many features in a such small car

An Innovation for future.

The urban mobility revolution is here. Very lightweight and minimal, with a balanced drivetrain allows to ride the car even if the battery is completely discharged and the electric motor cannot be used.

  •  The cargo eBike is equipped with an in-wheel motor with a peak power of 1350W and a rated power of 250W.